Thurston Howes Photography

“Do the unnecessary, sing the songs that one doesn’t expect out of your mouth. Be uncomfortable, be the sand and not the oil in the gear work of the world.”
~ Gunter Eich ~


As a documentary photographer I believe in the supposition “that the truth must be discovered not constructed.” I look through the camera much as a social anthropologist looks at society, being objective and having no preconceived ideas. My photographs are nonjudgmental allowing subtle truths to emerge.

I photograph spontaneously and instinctively to find my own visual understandings. Like Henri Cartier Bresson I believe that “through the act of living the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us.” My photography is about discovery and learning, my photographs are intended to inform rather than to necessarily convey personal feelings. My images are created through direct experiences with the real world.

Through a better understanding of the world around us comes a better understanding of ourselves. As Man Ray observed “Open confidences are being made everyday and it remains for the eye to train itself to see them without prejudices or restraints.”